Tips to enjoy a holiday in Apulia

Macchia Piccinna’s Blog includes a list of ideas and tips to make your vacation in Apulia more enjoyable.

Our guests often ask us what are the most beatiful places to visit. In Puglia at a distance of 60-130 km from our Agriresort.

The places that we propose can be different and they follow the inclinations and the tastes of the guests.

Before of all it is important to talk with them to understand what they expect  from their holiday, in this way it is possible to advise them and suggest itineraries, unusual too, to make their holiday in Puglia really gorgeous.

Holiday in Apulia: more than a holiday

Holidays in Puglia can have a thousand of reasons , from the cultural one to the natural  or purely seaside, winery and culinary tour, cooking classes and why not a journey hunting for local crafts.

In this last case you could take home a small or big masterpiece to decorate your home, which better than anything else proves your journey in Apulia.

For example the most known handicrafts are the ceramics of Grottaglie , a town close to Macchia Piccinna agriresort, just 30 km far away. There you can visit the Quarter of Ceramics, where craftsmen live and work in the workshops. From the ancient tradion and legends were born particular objects such as the “Pumi “ of Grottaglie, which also adorn the houses of Macchia Piccinna holiday farm.  


Discovering natural landscapes and small towns

For lovers of natural landscapes, we recommend a visit to the Dunes, in the area of Monaco Mirante, a short walk from the agriresort. The word “Duna”, probably of Celtic origin, taken from the Dutch and then from the French, means  “ sandy heights”, mountains of sand accumulated from the wind. Their presence is important, because  they protect the coast from the erosive action of the sea. The dunes are mostly covered with low Mediterranean plants such as thyme, rosemary and juniper.

Along the coast you can admire the beautiful Saracen Towers of sight scattered on the coast. Some of these can be visited and some of them are museums too. 

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