A sailing tour

Giro in barca a vela a Campomarino
giro in barca a vela a Campomarino

A trip in sailing boat

A sailing boat trip for your unforgettable holiday!

Ideas and activities that you can do on your holiday: are you on holiday and maybe do you want to experience a new and relaxing activity?

Then a sailing boat trip it’s what you’re searching for.

You will be able to depart from Campomarino’s harbour and sail enjoying the slight swinging of the sailboat. You can spend a day in the sea, lulled by the waves and refreshed by the sea breeze.

Luca, with his boat called “the adventurous shrimp” is willing to let you spending a day or half a day in the middle of the sea.

What can you see on a sailing boat?

The sunset

In this case I would recommend you to do it in the evening to enjoy the beautiful sunset. The right place is along the coast of Torre Dell’Ovo, after passing the Tower, you will be able to see the sun diving into the sea and suddenly disappear.

At a certain point you can also dive into the blue sea; you will feel a sensation of absolute freedom and wellness.

Seabed (snorkeling)

Beside for people who loves snorkeling a lot of wonderful seabed are waiting for you.

You will be able to discover the beautiful fossil forest or the sarcophagi of San Pietro in Bevagna. ( if the sea current is on your side).

On board again you will be able to find out another wonderful surprise: an apulian apericena.

We don’t give you all the details now because we don’t want to spoil you the experience, we just say in advance that you will taste apulian specialities.

 Planning the sailing boat trip

Before going aboard it’s better to talk with Luca saying what would you like to see.

You will be able to choose among:

  • The old watchtowers scattered on the coast
  • The beaches with the sandy seabed
  • The sighting of dolphins.

We can assure you that you will have a magical experience, you will relax and you will fully enjoy the sea, the sun and the wind.

You will be able to see the coastline getting thinner and thinner and further, with some spray of green scattered here and there.

For the lovers of tan, you will sunbathe in the bow or you can chat with Luca about the sea.

He is always available to explain the details of the sail boat and their names.

At last some information about our gorgeous Salento.

Fares and costs:

  • All day 100 per person
  • Teens under 16 pays half
  • Children under 6 free entrance
  • Half day 50 per person


  • You need to book
  • Bring with you something for the seasickness
  • Wear light clothes for example: swimming costume, beach towels and a diving mask.
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