Production and sale of extra virgin olive oil from Puglia Macchia Piccinna

Extra virgin olive oil

Az. Agricola Sansonetti Costanzo

From agricultural cultivation carried out without the use of chemicals 

Area of origin: Maruggio (Ta) – Puglia

Variety: Ogliarola (Olea salentina)

Intensity: Average

Ingredients: 100% extra virgin olive oil

Taste/taste: Balanced and harmonious

Nose: Herbaceous sensations of Macchia mediterranea and almond

View: Intense yellow, golden streaks

Extra virgin olive oil's method of use

You can use the extra virgin olive oil raw or for cooking. It is ideal to enrich the most delicate foods such as bresaola and fresh salads, it is also great in the kitchen to flavor fish, risotto, pasta and roasts. It is recommended on all those dishes where the oil can enhance the scents without covering them.


It has an important antioxidant action because it contains substances such as vitamin E, polyphenols, phytosterols, chlorophylls and carotenoids, which contribute to counteract the activity of free radicals , slowing the aging process of cells.


In our cultivation we do not use chemical substances but only natural products, we carry out frequent ploughing, green manure and the necessary pruning. The olive harvest takes place from October to November, the olives are harvested through a harvesting system that preserves the tree from the stress of shaking the trunk; our method allows us to collect olives placed on all parts of the tree and slide them into boxes, where they stay only for a few hours before being taken to the mill for cold pressing (27 inches); once crushed, the extra virgin olive oil is stored in silos and bottled only at the time of sale, to preserve the integrity of the product.


Our extra virgin olive oil comes from  Maruggio (TA), precisasly from a place called “Pindini “; less than 2 km of the enviroment in which they grow, there is our olive grove of 5 hectares with 240 trees, mostly “ogliarola “ and “cellina”. The cultivars have their own specific and characteristic aromatic and gustatory profile with varietal hints that make them unique and not replicable; there is a very close relationship between the genetic characteristics of a plant and those of the environment in which they live. The bouquet of the olive oil we produce is made unique by the territory and the microclimate of this area.


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Olive oil from italy, olio di oliva