Places to visit and things to do in Puglia - Salento

When you do vacation plans for your holiday in Puglia, not forget to read our page about surroundings, here you could find a series of tips about the places to visit and things to do in Salento.

The places that you could visit are many: beautiful churches in small towns and cities, museums with treasures of insestimable value, the wineries where it is possible to do the wine’s tasting and sightseeing in the nature reserve where it is possible to see the marvellous examples of biodiversity.

The cities you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit are Taranto and Lecce. In the first one you can see the Aragonese Castle while in the secondo one you can find beautiful churches and a wonderful view from the top of bell tower, in Piazza Duomo  you can take a lift to appreciate the city on a full scale and seeing the Adriatic sea as far as the Albanian coastes.

– MARTA museum is a beautiful place where you can see archeological finds that come from the Ancient Greece, Taranto was for a long time a Spartan colony. You absolutely can’t miss the opportunity to see the Gold artefacts ( ORI DI TARANTO) and Orpheus and the Sirens exibition, these sculptures came back in Italy from USA and they are exposed in the museum since 2022.

Distance from Macchia Piccinna: 49 km
Sightseeing time: 60 minutes

-The ARAGONESE CASTLE in Taranto, the ancient medieval castle has been rebuilt with important alterations during the time. The sightseeing is free and it is possible to visit the sighting tower.

Distance from Macchia Piccinna: 49 km
Sightseeing time: 60- 80 minutes

-SANTA CROCE CATHREDAL in Lecce was a monastery of Celestine’s Order. The most famous architects of Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries taken part to the building, the result was an unique example of beauty and variety of styles.

Distance from Macchia Piccinna: 64 km
Sightseeing time: 60- 80 minutes

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