Street food in Puglia?! panzerotto, whatelse..

Lo street food per eccellenza in puglia: il panzerotto

Are you planning your trip to Puglia and wondering which places you absolutely cannot miss?

You can’t say you’ve been to Puglia if you haven’t seen: Lecce, Ostuni, Locorotondo,

Alberobello, Gallipoli, Martina Franca, Grottaglie, Taranto.

The advice is this: it is better go around a bit less and eat more than a panzerotto ….

What is a panzerotto? It is the street food par excellence, its birth as always is linked to the origins contandine, when once you made bread at home and remained a bit of dough.

It was absolutely forbidden to throw away and then what to do? It was spread in a circle, seasoned with tomato, mozzarella and dipped in boiling olive oil …. Since the birth of the first prototype, the surplus dough has grown and the birth of Panzerotto has been consolidated.

When you’re around and somewhere you see a steaming crescent moon, stop and think that a panzerotto is forever.

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